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The purpose of the system is to provide a set of logical rules in order to reason about the correctness of computer programs with the rigour of mathematical logic.
Hoare acknowledges earlier contributions from Robert Floyd, who had published a similar system for flowcharts.
TODO: IKT DK 2008 talvekooli teemad siia
Steve Omohundro, Co-founder, the Center for Complex Systems Research, Self-Aware Systems
Futurist: Tell me a little about yourself and your various companies.
Omohundro: My company is called Self-Aware Systems and I started it a couple of years ago to help search engines search better. We built a system for reading lips and a system for controlling robots. The particular angle that I started working on is systems that write their own programs. Human programmers today are a disaster. ... we develop systems that I call self-improving artificial intelligence, so that's AI systems that understand their own operation, watch themselves work, and envision what changes to themselves might be improvements and then change themselves.
Futurist: Sounds like Niles Barcellini; he made the point that computers should be much better at writing programs than humans could ever be because it's their own language.

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